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About paragliding


The history of paragliding can be traced back to 25 years. The first paragliders were brave pilots, who took off from mountains with their normal parachutes. HPIM1795.JPG
But technology has changed a lot since then. With the newest paragliders it is possible to travel hundreds of kilometres. And with powered paragliding, there are endless possibilities.

Anybody can enjoy flying with a professional tandem pilot. You don't need any training, only open mind and lust for flying.

With powered paragliding, we don’t even need mountains to take off, a horizontal field is enough to leave the ground with a few steps.



Tandem flights


If we fly without engine, we take off from mountains. We leave tP1020494i.jpghe ground after running a few meters, and after a successful start, it only depends on the wind and the sunshine how long we can stay int he air. It can take from 5 mintues to hours and hours. We choose from different slopes according to the weather conditions and the direction of the wind.






Powered paragliding tandem flights



piros.jpgWith a powered paraglider, we take off from plain ground, such as our usual take-off field close to Dunabogdány, in the Danube Bend, but on request, we can start from any place of the size of a half football pitch.

   In contrast with other flying means, we can fly close to the ground as well as high above, with a comfortable speed of 25-40 km/h. This way you can take your time to enjoy the beatiful view and we can take particular photos.

Flying only a few meters above fields, rivers and streams provides an outstanding experience. You might also see rabbits or deers jumping out from the woods! Besides, from an altitude of 800-1000 meters, you can see the spectacular view of the whole Danube Bend and the Pilis Mountains.

Other advantage of powered paragliding is that you can decide how much time you wish to spend in the air, since we don’t depend on the wind and the thermals.



Our service of powered paragliding is available all year round!



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